Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst led firm, the professionals and staff at Divorce Financial Partners use specialized Family Law software to analyze the current assets, income and budgets for both parties. These asset and cash flow comparisons are then forecasted into the future to model fair and equitable proposed settlement options.

Examples of divorce financial planning issues that often arise:

One party wants to stay in the house, but is not certain if they can afford to. This is common, and the income and budget planning must accomodate this reality.

How much of the retirement and pension assets should be kept by one party or the other, will there be tax penalties if drawn upon, and how are pensions divided prior to actual retirement?

How will the amount and duration of spousal support (alimony) be determined. Would it be benificial to pre-fund this liability with a lump sum payment and/or a property settlement note?

The tax treatment of alimony payments can be inadvertantly treated as child support if structured to stop or reduce at a child's specific age. Many times this can be overlooked in a property and support settlement.

What about separate property brought into the relationship by one party? How are  inheritance or gifts treated that were recieved before or during the marriage and commingled into joint assets. Also, what happens if income earned by one party is used to pay the mortgage for property in the other party's name.

All of these scenarios, and more, need to be analyzed and factored into the property and income settlement options.